Amazing Recovered Bible Truths

Amazing Recovered Bible Truths
July 26, 2017
September 25, 2017

I have great news for you…….guaranteed! God is fascinated with you. He created the universe and this world just for you to live in (Not for you alone, but for no one more than you). He loves you as much as anybody else who’s ever lived – even the best person you can think of. That’s why He paid such a high price for you when He sacrificed Jesus on the cross so you wouldn’t be hindered by your sins anymore. God’s hand is outstretched to you. He’s not angry with you – He’s not out to damn you to a supposed hell for eternity, no matter what you’ve done or how you feel about yourself. He wants a relationship with you. He wants you to love Him back, not be threatened into obedience out of fear. Sadly, the church has perpetuated man-made, non-Biblical traditional teachings that actually malign God and hinder our relationship with Him. But, this book will show you the great news from the Bible that has been hidden and distorted by the church for hundreds of years. (I’m not against church – I’m just against the fears and falsehoods often taught there.) Inside you’ll find over 100 amazing truths – straight out of the Bible – some of the most important recovered truths since Martin Luther’s reformation of 500 years ago. And these recovered truths will take you from those fears and falsehoods to peace and excitement with God. You can have peace with God tonight.

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