Amazing Recovered Bible Truths

May 21, 2016
Amazing Recovered Bible Truths
July 26, 2017

Important recovered truths will transform the way you think about God

Over 100 Amazing Recovered Bible Truths, that you’ve likely never seen or heard before, will set you free from confusion, worry and doubt.

We Christians think we base our beliefs and lives on the Bible. But in reality, on some very important concepts, we base what we believe on 1500 years of man-made traditions which masquerade as Biblical truth. These falsehoods actually malign God, hinder our relationship with Him, and spoil our understanding of many important truths. In just a few pages, you and I will disprove the biggest and most harmful of these man-made traditions.

Recovered Truths

Happily, the good news is that the truth of the Bible on these important topics is way better than the falsehood of the traditions. In this book, you’ll learn some of the most important recovered truths of the last 500 years – things you’ve probably never seen or heard before, but they’re straight out of the Bible. And they’re every bit as important as when Martin Luther realized that the church of his day was teaching non-Biblical practices.

As we explore what God has written in His Word, His plan for mankind will unfold in a cohesive and non-contradictory way, and a lot of the things that you didn’t like, and couldn’t resolve, will become clear. You will understand God’s love for you, and for all mankind, like you’ve never realized it before. This, in turn, will have a huge impact on how you perceive God, and how you perceive your own value.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover from the Bible:


  • The Fear and Falsehood of Hell. You’ll find out why you don’t have to worry about your loved ones being tortured by Satan and his demons for eternity.
  • Exactly how much God loves you and how long that love lasts – way more and way longer than you’ve been told.
  • God explains His ultimate plan for you and mankind – it’s better than you ever been told.
  • God is operating His original “Plan A”. It has a beginning, and end, and there’s one man in charge of the whole thing.
  • All of mankind will face one of two judgings. But they are not what you’ve been taught and you decide which one you experience.
  • The mysterious lake of fire is not a hell, and serves a necessary, valuable and constructive purpose.
  • You’ll resolve the contradiction of a God who says He is love, but who’s going to torture the bulk of humanity for eternity – because He won’t.


Here are unsolicited responses from readers of this book:

“I feel so fortunate and blessed because this is a book that, in the span of one weekend, has changed my entire view of God.”

“I did a happy dance after just the first chapter!”

“I stopped attending church because the pastor couldn’t answer my important questions. Now I am finding answers to those questions in this book.”

“You have written an extremely powerful and enlightening book. As a Christian woman, I was eager to read it, and many of the points you made, the Recovered Truths you shared, and the Bible verses you used as examples, left me shaken to the core.”

“I used to actually be mad at God, thinking that He was going to torture innocent little children and babies in a hell for eternity. It was such a contradiction with who He said He was, and who I knew Him to be.”

“In all honesty, I have now found myself rethinking many things I’ve been taught in church; that was not something I ever expected to happen. I am truly thankful to you for opening my eyes.”

Peace Tonight

These recovered truths will transform your perception of God from fear and falsehood to peace and excitement. It’s all way better than you ever imagined. Download your copy today – you’ll have peace tonight.

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