October 1, 2017


Life is hard and filled with difficulties and failures that can cause us to not love or value ourselves, and to feel unloved by others as well. And that, in turn, has a huge effect on how we approach life – diminishing our goals and aspirations – and whether we even want to try. But I’ll prove you are the most loved and valued being in the universe. And it will transform how you feel about yourself, your perception of God and enthusiasm about life.
September 30, 2017


Our understanding of hell has a huge effect on how we perceive God. My research and interviews show that most people, Christian or not, have the same view of hell: that Satan and demons are torturing dead people in a fiery cavern for eternity. This, then, causes us to wrestle with the contradiction that the loving God who sacrificed His own Son for mankind will then condemn the majority of them to endless torture. Happily, a relatively brief review of the Bible will resolve all this and the truth will be better than you ever expected. Includes the Appendix of […]
September 29, 2017


God has a purpose for what He’s doing with mankind and a grand plan to accomplish it! And it’s bigger and better than you’ve probably ever heard. It’s why He’s doing everything He’s doing. But, if we don’t understand God’s intention for mankind, we’ll misinterpret not only His actions, but also who He is. God has declared His purpose and plan for mankind, that His plan is deliberate – not accidental – and that He has a time-line for making it happen. It’s amazing!
September 28, 2017


THE PREEMINENCE OF JESUS God really does have an ultimate goal for mankind. And the plan to get us there is much more intentional and orchestrated than generally known. Also, not widely considered, is that the whole thing is being run by one man. Fortunately, He is also God. What is not fully realized is that God’s whole plan and purpose for mankind is Jesus’ big assignment. It’s all accomplished by and through Jesus, from start to finish.
September 27, 2017


We will all experience a judging by God – whether we want to or not. You can ignore it for a while – but you can’t escape it. Like earthly parents raising a child, He offers us the opportunity to submit to His judging and His will, voluntarily. If we do submit to His judging and discipline, we are in line for rewards and commendation. If we do not avail ourselves of His forgiveness of sins through Jesus, and follow His leading, we are risking harsher judgment and imposed discipline.
September 26, 2017


Flames and sulphur, destruction, a second death, torment, wailing and gnashing of teeth – ouch. All mentioned in the Bible about a mysterious Lake of Fire. According to the traditional church teaching, the Lake of Fire is the most gruesome torture chamber ever devised: the majority of mankind, including children, thrown into a lake of inextinguishable flames, forever burning their flesh while they scream and writhe in pain – yet they never die! Although Satan and his demons control it, they didn’t devise this diabolical place. Nor was it an out-of-control Nazi scientist or a godless dictator like Stalin or […]
September 25, 2017


The belief that only a minority of humanity will be saved is such an established traditional belief in the church that it’s not talked about much. But the Bible tells us the exact number that will be saved in the end – it’s much bigger than most think. What about those who never heard about Jesus? Are they just out of luck? Most church-folk say so. The Bible says otherwise. God declares that there is an end to His plan, the purpose of the ages. And it will be better than you ever imagined. Also, the Bible says you have […]
July 26, 2017

Amazing Recovered Bible Truths

I have great news for you…….guaranteed! God is fascinated with you. He created the universe and this world just for you to live in (Not for you alone, but for no one more than you). He loves you as much as anybody else who’s ever lived – even the best person you can think of. That’s why He paid such a high price for you when He sacrificed Jesus on the cross so you wouldn’t be hindered by your sins anymore. God’s hand is outstretched to you. He’s not angry with you – He’s not out to damn you to […]
July 26, 2017

Amazing Recovered Bible Truths

Important recovered truths will transform the way you think about God Over 100 Amazing Recovered Bible Truths, that you’ve likely never seen or heard before, will set you free from confusion, worry and doubt. We Christians think we base our beliefs and lives on the Bible. But in reality, on some very important concepts, we base what we believe on 1500 years of man-made traditions which masquerade as Biblical truth. These falsehoods actually malign God, hinder our relationship with Him, and spoil our understanding of many important truths. In just a few pages, you and I will disprove the biggest […]
January 22, 2016


All seven books in the series at a reduced price. Over one hundred Important and Recovered Bible Truths will set you free from fear and falsehoods that misrepresent God and hinder your relationship with Him. Truths you’ve never heard that are better than you’ve ever dared to believe.